About Me

About Sharon

Sharon Withers is known for creating large scale abstract landscape work and triptych oil paintings.  Her work can be found worldwide from America to Europe in private collections and corporate establishments 

Studying at The Slade School of Fine Art, Turner Prize winner Jenny Saville encouraged Sharon’s unique method of painting which allows her to create a startling dynamism in her compositions. Sharon’s reputation continues to grow and she has featured in a series of successful exhibitions throughout the UK and has been represented by many galleries.

After graduating in 1999 Sharon went on to become a finalist in The Gilcrest Fisher Memorial Award for Outstanding Young Landscape Artists in 2000. She continued to take part in many prestigious exhibitions in the subsequent years and established a working studio in Hampshire. Sharon regularly takes on large scale commissions for her clients.

No Naked Walls

Sharon then went on to establish No Naked Walls Galleries in Surrey, England in 2011 and now focuses almost exclusively on selling her work through No Naked Walls Galleries alongside an outstanding selection of carefully selected artists.

This website shows many examples of Sharon’s unique paintings over the years – many sell before they make it onto the website though! You can also view Sharon’s paintings on the No Naked Walls website where you can purchase paintings online / take advantage of our new “view in situ” virtual room settings – or arrange a visit or home painting trial. Just ask for more info about any of these helpful services;-)

About the Paintings

The paintings are based on shapes and textures found in nature and their symbolic meanings.

The work combines visual richness through the use of colour and textural depth.

Through the process of layering and texture residues of past disturbances are visible throughout the layering leaving an imprint of the event. My work is designed to intrigue and challenge your perception of the natural world.

The paintings relate to aspects of space, time, tension and surface tension.  Time and gravity play a key role, the intrusion of these elements relates to cause and effect. I am emphasising the visual tension between the two dimensional plane and the three dimensional space.